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DLRA 2019 – team info

[This information is intended for the KillaJoule team members.]


– I also have a pretty good collection of sunhats, most of them with “flaps” protecting the neck from the sun, and some with mosquito/fly nets. But bring your own favorite as well.


Please do the following:

– Book your camping and entry at http://www.dlra.org.au/online-booking.htm
– Get Australian dollars. DLRA is a cash society!
– Email or message Eva with the phone number, email, and instant messaging system(s) that you use when traveling and just before leaving for DLRA 2019.

– Flip-flops/gandals for shower use.
– Bedding if you don’t want a sleeping bag. Or at least a bed sheet if you want to use the sleeping bag as a blanket.
– Your favorite sun screen.


Here is an update regarding the camping and crew gear that has been packed/will be available on the salt. We will arm-wrestle over the following items:

– Camper trailer: We ended up with a smaller camper trailer than desired. We couldn’t get permission to take the one we wanted on the unsealed road. It is not what I wanted, but that was all I could get. Bill and Steve will pick it up in Adelaide after picking up a “mine equipped” ute at Hertz Commercial rentals. Sleeps several people, mattresses are included. I expect Bill and I to sleep in the trailer. There may be room for someone else, I don’t really have a feeling for the layout or space (it looks small on the photo).

– Tent: We have an 11 person tent – Cabela Alaknak. We have never taken it out of the box, so setting it up might be an adventure in itself.

– Beds: We have 5 foldable beds with mattresses. Varying style and level of comfort (all picked up in the Salvation Army Family Store). ~9 pillows are packed, with pillow cases (6x of the pillows are brand new). I will throw in a few single bed sheets, but I don’t have a ton of them. I expect the beds to be used with sleeping bags (if you prefer regular bedding, please make your own arrangements for it).

– Sleeping bags: We have at least 7 sleeping bags packed, perhaps more. We had 3 old ones of varying condition. I bought new ones, but I honestly cannot remember if I bought 4 or 6 brand new sleeping bags… (I think it was 4).

– Bedding: I have brought one set of bedding that Bill and I used to use in our old race trailer (I would expect Bill and I to use this in the camper trailer).

– Towels: I have packed 9 shower-size towels, and 4 small hand towels (simply couldn’t find more than 4 that I was willing to sacrifice for this purpose). Allocation is one towel per person. If you want more, bring your own.

– Toiletries: I have packed a selection of varying toiletries, including shampoo, soap, sunscreen, razors, tooth brushes, pads, tissue, deodorant, hand sanitizer, first aid, toilet paper, electrolytes, and other things that people often forget or run out of. If you (or someone else) need something, just look in bin #38, don’t be shy.

– Flip-flop/gandals: I expect showers to be a bit sketchy – bring your own flipflops to decrease the risk of picking up some nice new fungus. I have one spare pair, but they are my size (~women’s 8).

– Shirts: Team shirts (long sleeved, white t-shirts with KillaJoule print on back and name on chest) are available for everybody. Please wear them – they protect nicely from the sun, looks great in photos, and makes it easy for spectators, other racers, and officials to recognize the team members. To save time, money, and resources I pulled out my collection of shirts that had been personalized but never used or picked up, and had new names put on them. They are all new, but the logos vary a bit and the name is printed on a white piece to cover up the old name. We will have new ones made for next year, but this will have to do for this year.

We have the following shirts:

Kel – 5x in size large
Amy – 3x in size medium (bring the other 3 that you already have)
Sam – 3x in size large (bring the other 3 that you already have)
Steve – 3x “Steve” and 1x “Kiwi-Steve” in size large (bring the others you already have)
Bill and I have a ton of shirts (large and small), and we have a few without names, so if more are needed we can just grab from the supply and write the name on a piece of tape.

– Umbrellas: I have ~9 umbrellas of varying style. 5 brand new black ones, 1 nice from University of Auckland, and 3 compact ones. Make sure to take advantage of them to protect yourself from the sun (but don’t run away with the last umbrella – we need it on the starting line to keep me and the dashboard of the bike in the shade, or we will both overheat).

– Pop-up canopies: We have two regular red pop-up canopies (Amy and Sam have seen them at Bonneville). Our new sponsor Trevor at V3 have lent us a huge, white pop-up (it weighs 54 kg/~120 lbs!). I haven’t seen it erected yet, but it has walls and should be great for the pits. He also lent us a slightly less heavy one in black. Not sure how well it will work, but it is packed. Kel – if you have a pop-up canopy, feel free to bring it – we can’t have too many!

– Chairs & tabels: A ton of chairs (~10, at least) are packed, and 4 tables of varying sizes.


— Camping fee Lake Gairdner —

As a crew member or spectator, you have to pay entry and camping fee. Because I wasn’t sure who is coming and when, I have only paid entry and camping for me, Bill, and Steve.
You can pay at the gate, but things go much smoother if you pay in advance and _print_ the tickets.
Can I ask you to book your own entry and camping…? http://www.dlra.org.au/online-booking.htm

— Bring cash! —

DLRA is a cash society! There are no EFTPOS/ATM/creditcard machines as far as the eye can see. No cash = no dinner. Australian dollar is the going currency. Dinner typically runs $20 per plate. You want a second plate, you pay another $20. Not sure what pies for lunch or breakfast sandwiches cost.

— Satellite internet —

The plan is to bring satellite internet. I am working on two different leads, of which one would be free, the other one would be regular Inmarsat satellite broadband. If we have to resort to regular pricing (Inmarsat), the price is $3-5 per MB, and the speed is like 3G mobile phone data. I am hoping to not spend more than ~AU $1,500 on data, which means 300-500 MB available data during the week. Priority will be given to facebook updates and my (work) email. I have set up the email address dlra2019@evahakansson.com. I figured this will work as a “message board” for incoming and outgoing communication. Rumors are saying that wifi might be available at the Mt Ive station, 35 km away on “shitty dirtroads”. Not sure if this is true.