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Happy Easter! Hatching a “Magic Snake Egg”

Happy Easter! Hatching a “Magic Snake Egg”

by Eva HakanssonMarch 15, 2015

Tired of Easter eggs filled with cheap candy? Exhausted from the kids’ sugar rush? Celebrate Easter by exploring the magic of science with a “Magic Hatching Egg” instead.


The magic hatching eggs contains an animal made from water-absorbing polymer. When you place the egg in water, the egg is immediately filled with water through small holes at the top and bottom of the egg. The polymer starts to absorb the water and the animal “grows”. It soon becomes too big to fit inside the egg, and it cracks open. As the animal is slowly growing, it appears to “hatch”.

The hatching process takes 24-48 hours, and the animal can grow up to ten times its original size. If you leave the animal to dry, it will shrink back down again as the water evaporates, and the process can be repeated several times. The video below shows a time-lapse of a hatching “snake egg”.

There are a variety of hatching eggs on the market from several manufacturers. The “Hatch’em” eggs sold by Animal Planet benefits the ROAR Foundation and its conservation efforts around the world. http://hatchems.com/



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