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by Eva Hakansson

Sewing is a really useful skill to know! Not only can you repair a tear in your own clothing or shorten a pair of pants, sewing is part of a lot of engineering! Think of sails, parachutes, tents, and brake chutes for aircraft. Or brake chutes for land speed vehicles like KillaJoule and Green Envy have. This is some advanced engineering!

I learned to use a sewing machine when I was 4 years old. My legs were so short my mom had to put the pedal on a stool for me to reach it. If you have chance, learn how to use a sewing machine, and since then I have been sewing anything from doll clothes and stuffed toys, to tents and horse equipment. My grandfather was a tailor and my grandmother was a seamstress, so it is definitely running in my genes.

I am sure your mother, or grandmother, or another relative or friend would be delighted to teach you to sew. Many Maker Spaces also have sewing machines. You will quickly see how easy and useful it is to sew.

Heavy-duty sewing like sails, brake chutes, and horse equipment requires industrial style sewing machines; you can’t make that on your household machine. However, if you are into this kind of making, there may be a Maker Space near you that has one. Or you can perhaps pick one up on the used market at an affordable price. If you project is a school project or has a novel cause, a local business may be willing to help you with your project. It is always worth asking.

Sew your own Barbie® racing suit!

Of course the doll needs a racing racing suit and racing helmet! With a sewing machine and 3D printer you can make your own “Mini-Eva” engineering action figure complete with racing suit and helmet. All needed files, patterns and instructions are found in my post here. It will fit Barbie® and similar fashion dolls.

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