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“Green Envy” is the successor of the KillaJoule, and it is being built to become the world’s fastest motorcycle. Full stop! Just like the KillaJoule, it is being built by me (Eva Hakansson), my husband Bill Dubé, and a team of volunteers. Bill and I are both mechanical engineers; I have a PhD in mechanical… Continue reading WHAT IS GREEN ENVY?


The weakest link in all wheel-driven speed record attempts is a surprising and obscure detail – tires!  Tires can be one of the main points of failure on all vehicles, but are specifically troublesome on extremely high speed, wheel-driven vehicles. Therefore, we are literally re-inventing the wheel for Green Envy!  The very fastest cars are… Continue reading RE-INVENTING THE WHEEL!


Safety equipment and safe work practices Making things can be dangerous, that’s why you need to always consider appropriate Health & Safety principles. The Health & Safety laws varies from country to country, but the minimum requirements are to wear the proper personal safety equipment and to use safe work practices. This includes not working… Continue reading HEALTH & SAFETY