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KillaJoule as “LEGO™”

This KillaJoule model compatible with the popular LEGO™ toy system was designed by Urim Chae, one of my first year engineering students at the University of Auckland. The 562 students in my first year course “Principles of Engineering Design” (ENGGEN 115) were in Semester 1 2018 assigned to design an accessory compatible with LEGO™ in the CAD software Autodesk Inventor. Urim came up with this design without my knowledge, and I was ecstatic when I found it among the submitted assignments.

Urim’s design was selected by his tutor (Graduate Teaching Assistant) as the top design in his group, and was thus selected to be one of the 23 designs that I 3D printed this semester. I also created myself and the crew, including my husband Bill, as mini figurines to go with the 3D printed design. Urim get to keep the 3D printed model and the laser engraved platform, but I printed a copy for myself as well. 😉

If you look closely at the assembly drawing below, you can see that the little toy figurine has my face, which Urim cut out of the coursebook. As a teacher, this must be the ultimate compliment!

Pretty amazing work by someone that was introduced to CAD modeling only 6 weeks ago!