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To build stuff, you need stuff! Here are some of the tricks I use to get the things I need for my projects. FREE STUFF There is nothing like free stuff! But to get free stuff takes some effort, and can take a whole lot of politeness, patience, and planning. Build your own stockpile of… Continue reading WHERE TO GET STUFF


In almost all cases, the most environmentally friendly item is one that never has to be made*! If you can repair and keep using a product, that takes much less resources than having to manufacture a replacement. Unfortunately, many products are deliberately designed to have a limited lifespan. This is known as planned obsolescence. Planned… Continue reading HOW TO REPAIR THINGS


Safety equipment and safe work practices Making things can be dangerous, that’s why you need to always consider appropriate Health & Safety principles. The Health & Safety laws varies from country to country, but the minimum requirements are to wear the proper personal safety equipment and to use safe work practices. This includes not working… Continue reading HEALTH & SAFETY


Baking and cooking is a science in itself! You can also use STEM skills to making baking and cooking much more exciting. Racing inspired gingerbread cookies Gingerbread cookies are my absolute favorite cookies, and the best I have ever tasted are made with my grandma Carla’s recipe (you can find it here). More than half… Continue reading BAKING & COOKING