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CAD stands for “Computer Aided Design”. It typically refers to the use of computer programs  – “CAD software” – to create 3D models of items. These models aren’t just pretty images, they have very specific dimensions and features. They can also contain information about material, mass, strength, and other physical properties. They can be assembled… Continue reading CAD


If there is a human superhero power, it is welding! Fusing metal with your hands – can it get any more amazing than that? There are several different types of welding, but they are all based on the same principle. Welding is used to join materials that can be melted. The most common material to… Continue reading WELDING


If you have the chance, make sure to learn a bit of electronics! Even if you are not planning to become an electrical engineer, it is a very useful skill. Electronics may appear intimidating and complicated, but if you start with easy projects, you will learn quickly and realize how much fun it is. If… Continue reading ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS


Sewing is a really useful skill to know! Not only can you repair a tear in your own clothing or shorten a pair of pants, sewing is part of a lot of engineering! Think of sails, parachutes, tents, and brake chutes for aircraft. Or brake chutes for land speed vehicles like KillaJoule and Green Envy… Continue reading SEWING


All modern technology – computers, phones, satellites, cars, and even such simple things as blinking toys – rely on programming! Knowing how to program is an incredible useful skill, but getting started can be quite intimidating. Programming is all about logical thinking, and just about anybody can learn how to code. However, it is difficult… Continue reading COMPUTER PROGRAMMING


Paper is a great material for making stuff. You can use paper in many different ways. You can use paper alone (no tape, no glue, no nothing) in the traditional Japanese art of origami. You can also use paper as any building material and cut it, tape it, glue it, and build anything from doll… Continue reading PAPER CRAFT


KillaJoule fused glass ornament Making your own fused glass ornaments takes quite a bit of artistic skill and access to the required equipment such as a suitable furnace. This beautiful holiday glass ornament was made by my mom Lena Håkansson. She placed a picture of the KillaJoule under the main glass piece (the back of… Continue reading OTHER DIY


To build stuff, you need stuff! Here are some of the tricks I use to get the things I need for my projects. FREE STUFF There is nothing like free stuff! But to get free stuff takes some effort, and can take a whole lot of politeness, patience, and planning. Build your own stockpile of… Continue reading WHERE TO GET STUFF