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Great evening at Mechanical Engineering Group Auckland


Posted 5 August, 2018. *Phew* I held a technology packed, marathon presentation, and crammed through 94 powerpoint slides in 1.5 hr at the Mechanical Engineering Group Auckland past Thursday! I think that may be a record of mine. There are so many stories to tell about the KillaJoule design and build, but I could only… Continue reading Great evening at Mechanical Engineering Group Auckland

#FanArt: 3D printed KillaJoule!

Posted July 17, 2018. This is the first KillaJoule 3D printed model that I have seen that I didn’t make myself. Thank you George for sharing it! Download your own 3D-printable KillaJoule model here.  🙂 // Eva

Look inside “KillaJoule” – the world’s fastest electric motorcycle

At 270.224 mph (434 km/h), the KillaJoule is the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. It has also made its rider and builder Eva Håkansson the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle. But what makes KillaJoule so insanely fast? We are un-wrapping the bike and revealing all its secrets. There are only three battery-powered vehicles… Continue reading Look inside “KillaJoule” – the world’s fastest electric motorcycle

We are re-inventing the wheel!

The weakest link in all wheel-driven speed record attempts is a surprising and obscure detail – tires!  Tires can be one of the main points of failure on all vehicles, but are specifically troublesome on extremely high speed, wheel-driven vehicles. Therefore, we are literally re-inventing the wheel for Green Envy!  The very fastest cars are… Continue reading We are re-inventing the wheel!

KillaJoule as “LEGO™”

This KillaJoule model compatible with the popular LEGO™ toy system was designed by Urim Chae, one of my first year engineering students at the University of Auckland. The 562 students in my first year course “Principles of Engineering Design” (ENGGEN 115) were in Semester 1 2018 assigned to design an accessory compatible with LEGO™ in… Continue reading KillaJoule as “LEGO™”